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SLAYKUR | Women | 100 ml/3.4 oz | B27 | Compare to CHANC E


Introduction to SLAYKUR Perfume by David Walker
Indulge in the essence of sophistication and charm with SLAYKUR by David Walker. This exquisite perfume, inspired by the timeless allure of CHANC E, offers a unique olfactory experience, tailored for the woman who commands attention.

Fragrance Profile

Top Notes: Begin your sensory journey with a burst of citrusy zest, complemented by the subtle freshness of aldehydes, making every spritz a refreshing awakening.

Heart Notes: As the journey continues, the heart unfolds with a rich bouquet of jasmine and rose, intertwined with a hint of spicy pepper, capturing the essence of a woman’s complexity and grace.

Base Notes: Concluding with the warmth of vanilla and patchouli, the base notes leave a lasting impression of deep, musky elegance, exuding confidence and allure.


Design and Packaging

Bottle Aesthetics: The bottle’s elegant design mirrors the perfume's essence. Its clean lines and transparent glass showcase the purity of the fragrance, topped with a sophisticated cap that hints at the luxury within.

Size and Portability: Perfectly sized at 100 ml/3.4 Oz, SLAYKUR is travel-friendly and fits effortlessly in a purse or handbag, making it your perfect companion for any occasion.


Ideal User

Who Should Wear It?SLAYKUR by David Walker is designed for a  woman who is both classic and daring. It suits those who are not afraid to embrace their inner strength and femininity.

Occasions to Wear

The versatility of the Scent: From a busy day at the office to an intimate evening out, this perfume transitions seamlessly, making it a versatile choice for any event.H2: Comparing with CHANC E

Similarities and Distinctions: While SLAYKUR takes inspiration from CHANC E, it introduces unique elements that set it apart, offering a fresh perspective on a beloved classic.

Gender:  Women

Top: Hyacinth, Yasemin
Middle: Paculi, Iris Extract, Cedar Tree
Base: White Musk, Vetiver, Amber, Vanilla

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