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The Concept

Say Good-Bye to overpriced luxury fragrances. With our Exclusive Collections,

David Walker has developed alternatives to the branded fragrances you love.   


Our carefully curated scents will give you similar designer luxury experience as the

premium brands, but at a fraction of the cost.

Room Diffusers

Decorate your home with our natural scents 

Refresh and Revitalize 

Long-lasting Scent 

13 Beautiful Fragrances 


Car Diffusers

Transform your drive into an experience 

Freshness on the go

Evoke travel memories 

6 Refreshing Fragrances 


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Our Exclusive Collections are David Walker branded interpretation of manufacturer and/ or designer fragrances and are created through chemical analysis and reproduction. The purpose of the fragrance description and comparison is to give the customer an idea of scent character and not to claim or mislead or confuse the customer as a copy of the original. 

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